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2009 North Texas Fisticuffs MMA Fight of the Year – Jacob Ortiz – Will Florentino

DateWednesday, December 30, 2009 at 12:32PM

Photo by Ed Garza

Going into their November fight, you knew that North Texas’ Will Florentino and Arizona’s Jacob Ortiz had the potential to be an awesome battle.  However, when these two fighters stepped into the cage at SWC 9, an explosion of atomic fury would be produced that would trump any other fight both locally and, I dare say, nationally.  It was a war, you hear me, a war that was both brutal and beautiful in nature.  It was the type of fight that contained all the ebb and flow of a classic Rocky movie coupled with the excitement paramount to an MMA bout.  In the end, Ortiz pulled out a bloody hard-fought decision, but truthfully, the real winners on that night were the fans lucky enough to be in attendance who rewarded both fighters with a standing ovation.

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