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Watch why ESPN Calls My Fight #7 FIGHT OF THE YEAR with uncensored Extra Footage Here!!

Hello Fans! You been asking for it and now you got it! My manager Ces has put together an awesome movie of our Team Nostrovia’s complete fight experience in Dallas, Texas on November 28, 2009 where I earned a win on a hard fought war against Pro Fighter 5-0 Will Florentino. My teammate the Daza won via 1st round TKO during the same event. We have included many pictures, personal camera pictures, commentary, and everything you need to get to know who I am and the way I fight. My style is sure to win you fans over, and I hope you enjoy this movie!

Posted in Uncategorized by kobe3006 on January 4th, 2010 at 12:59 PM.

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  1. railer01 Feb 15th 2010

    Will Florentino called you out on espn at the last fight in Frisco, I am curious as to if you even want to fight him again. I would like to see how you fair in a re-match if you even want to fight him again.

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