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My Southwest Rankings…

185 lb Middleweights:

These are in my opinion the rankings for all the fighters I have been associated with in my area and fight possibilities.  I’ve bee offered fights with them in the past and they have turned me down and wanted someone “easier.” Although some of these guys are on Tuff 11 now, that’s why they are where they are on the list. Check it out. Give me your opinion and i will update the list.


  1. Jaime Jara (26-7)
  2. Giva Santana (14-1)
  3. Roger Bowling (10-1)
  4. Chad Reiner (24-11)
  5. Kalib Starnes (10-4-1) tuf 3
  6. War Machine (9-4)
  7. Jacob “Kobe the Stunna” Ortiz (8-1)
  8. Eric Lawson (9-3)
  9. Jory Erickson (12-3)
  10. Steve Berger (19-20-2) tuf 9
  11. Mario Maranda (9-1)
  12. Sean Spencer (7-1)
  13. James Head (7-0)
  14. Felipe Foglin (6-0)
  15. Brent Cooper (6-1)  tuf 11
  16. Will Florentino (5-1)
  17. Jon Kirk (14-8)
  18. Jason House (7-5)
  19. Seth Baczynski (12-6) tuf 11
  20. Levi Stout (6-0)
  21. Frank Lester (5-6)  tuf 9
  22. Marcus Gaines (5-6)
  23. Joe Henle (3-0)
  24. Lyle Steffens (5-2)
  25. Cole Ackerman (4-0)
  26. Eddie Mendez (3-0-1)
  27. Rocky Ramirez (2-1)
  28. Freddie Sandoval (3-5-1)
  29. Leroy Fornoff (4-6)
  30. Chaun Sims (4-0)
  31. Anthony Zamora (1-3)
  32. Alan Shook (2-0)
  33. Steve Eldrigde (1-1)
  34. Tim Wagner (5-4)
  35. Denis Chapman (0-2)

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5 Replies

  1. Zach Able Apr 26th 2010

    Fight Frank Lester or War Machine.

  2. I definitely would jump at the opportunity to fight Frank Lester. War Machine may be a little hard to schedule with, his management is very picky on who he fights, but I would love that one to. Thanks.

  3. Zach Able Apr 28th 2010

    You should Fight Scott “Meant To Kill Ya” Ventimiglia (21-6), you guys would have a good fight.

    I tried talking with Ricard Chou about you but I guess he didn’t wanna sign you just yet. He will soon.

  4. Fight Frank Lester or War Machine.

  5. Zack Able, If you can set up one those fights in the backyard and charge an entrance fee, I will split the money with you 50/50. lol. Right now I should have a fight June 19th against Sean “Black Magic” Spencer in Texas if he doesn’t pull out the fight. I’m getting lots of offers from promoters but they got no one to fight me. There best guys are trying to nurse their records so they turn down fights with me, or pull out when its close to fight night. Its annoying. I need Rich Chou to call me.

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