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Still in the Fight Game

Thanks for coming to my page. Haven’t posted much since my fight in June, still waiting for that fight video to come in so I can post the highlights, but until then I’ll let you know whats been going down in my life.  I have a couple fight possibilities coming real quick here in September on October. September I will be traveling to Utah to fight a real tough kid with alot of fights.  After then I’m looking to head towards a fight in Nevada, and in November looking to fight in my Hometown. As we know, no fight is set in stone unless your locked in a contract with some of the upper leagues.   Since my last fight, I’ve been privileged to join the Lions Den Scottsdale training camp. Couple big names training there and I’m loving the workout I get there with these guys. Lions den has great coaching and a terrific atmosphere  to train at. I just saw an old coach Drew Ficket win the Shine Fights Grand Prix tournament. Congratulations Drew “The Master” or I think he has revamped his career and now goes by the “Knight Rider.”  I’ll try to post some new pictures…I still have tons of fan pictures from previous travels to NM and Texas that need to go up. Thanks again, keep in touch, and keep stunning like me.


Posted in Uncategorized by kobe3006 on September 11th, 2010 at 4:25 AM.

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