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SWC 9: Reloaded Postmortem

I have had the opportunity to attend a number of SWC shows in my travels as a combative sports writer/blogger and if I had to sum up their shows, the word I would use would be inconsistent. Don’t get it twisted; this is not necessarily a bad thing. You see, a Supreme Warrior Championship card can break two ways: it can be incredibly awesome, or it turns into amateur hour. That’s it, there’s no middle ground. But in their defense, the last couple of SWC shows have been good, I mean really good.

Obviously, a lot of the maddening aspects of their first couple of shows (seating issues, poor production, piss-poor turnouts) were a matter of growing pains. If promoting a live MMA show was easy, don’t you think more people would do it? With that being said, SWC seems to have gotten their train back on the right tracks and have made a conscious effort to give fans great action-packed fights, with legitimate local talent.

This past Saturday nights card – SWC 9: Redemption – was more than aptly names as Davis Sylvester III and company, sought, and received redemption, giving fans a memorable night of action. If you missed the action, you can read the write-up here. SWC 9 showed what happens when fight fans come out and support the sport, you get a raucous crowd that creates great energy, energy that the fighters in the cage feed off of. It was a great night of fights; let’s just hope that this will be the norm going forward for SWC.

AWARDS OF THE NIGHT (in no way official)

The Eric Dampier Award for Biggest Disappointment– To Dallas’s Marcus Hicks who had to withdrawal from his fight as the main event of the night. Hicks is an all-action fighter who entertained fans as a former contender with the WEC before the promotional outfit passed on renewing his contract. Hicks scheduled fight on SWC 9 would have given fight fans an opportunity to see one of North Texas most visible fighters in action. Hicks did address the crowd and assured them that he would fight on SWC 10, taking place this January.

The Mauro Ranallo Goofy-Yet-Entertaining Announcing Award– To the group of people seated in the VIP section directly behind press row who provided an endless stream of humorous commentary on the nights fights. There is a fine line between lively and obnoxious and these people knew how to enjoy themselves at a fight. I have to admit that they had most of us in press row chuckling to ourselves.

The Britney Spears-Kevin Federline Award for Odd Pairing– To the Frisco Convention Center. SWC 9 took place at the same time as some formal Indian social gathering. It was just an odd sight to see Affliction and TapouT clad MMA junkies intertwined with Indians clad in regal traditional attire. You just had to be there.

Fight of the Night – Jacob Ortiz vs. Will Florentino– You want action? You want blood, sweat, and guts? Then you would have loved the Ortiz-Florentino battle. To put it simply, this fight was a war. Both fighters gave it their all, trading shots, submission attempts, and blood as the crowd roared in giddy appreciation. It was the type of fight that humbles you when you see it. These two warriors, fighting a war of attrition, battling hard to the final bell. The only bad part was that there had to be a loser.

Submission of the Night– To SWC featherweight champion Johnny Bedford who managed to choke out Renegade champion Tim Snyder in less than a minute with a rear naked choke that looked so effortless it was almost hard to believe.

KO of the Night– To Frisco’s Brandon Smith who gave his hometown fans reason to cheer with his first round TKO due to strikes victory over Jason Fisher.


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