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Ortiz TKO’s Lopez in :23 Seconds – February 17th, 2012

That makes 12 wins with 4 TKO/KO’s in a row. Still awaiting that call from the big guys.
February 17th, 2012.
Uptown Fight Night IV – Tucson, Arizona
Carlos “Los” Lopez vs Kobe “The Stunna” Ortiz
Kobe defeated Lopez via :23 second round 1

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  1. Kobe the stunna i hear that your the badeist dude out their right now much props i wish we had some one like you hear in albuquerque looking foword to seeing u prosper thanks for kicking Anthonio Zamora ass shanon the cannon rich is to old he needed a reality check from some one his own age gracia throwvia amor.

  2. Avrian Jaamillo Dec 15th 2013

    My friend Chris Dominguez is related to you any way just checking in with my favorite fighter i like your style i was a boxer i trained with hide out the Danny Romero camp when i was young with lii ray Sanchez I ALSO Trained with David PRO AH I also wrestled for west mesa a lot of my family are state champs i know Joey B r a ca m o n t e D a m a c i o page i think your very out standing in the ring i trained for c h a v e z d d o j o for a while i love boxing but my hand is broken so nice job .

  3. Thanks Avrian, still alot more battles for me to win. Ya, I know who Joey Bracamonte is, i think he wrestled against one of me college teammates twice. I heard they’re 1-1. lol. Look for me in 2014, I’m going to look meaner and tougher then ever.

  4. Avrian jaramillo Dec 18th 2013

    thats a very tough sport very good to see you prosper in it a lot of fighters cant hold it together you must be very strong minded all american damm you don’t. Mess around .I rember seeing you joust ing you do some cool ass videos you like some hard core shit take care bro thanks for keeping me posted.

  5. Avrian jaramillo Dec 20th 2013

    antonio samora said that he had never been knocked out in a fight and the first thing you do is knock him out I trained at his gym it is a very disiplined gym I thought that samora was very arogant its krayzie.what hard work can do I think that muay thai was the hardest next to ground game I wish I would have done that first growing my kids are jr wrestling hopefuly they to could go to college they like drowning pool all over me and big bad wolf and goo ru josh. All those guys on your videos same shit I like well best of luck man and stay strong ill see you in 2014 .

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