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SWC 9 fires on all cylinders

ESPN Dallas

November 29, 2009, 7:47 PM

By: Andrew Plante/Special contributor

Supreme Warrior Championship held its ninth event Saturday at the Frisco Convention Center. With eight previous events for me to compare it to, SWC 9 was by far the best event that SWC has ever assembled.

SWC 7 showcased the best fight card that I’ve seen on the local level. SWC 9 had a solid card, along with excellent production value, and a packed house. As a bonus, the dreaded 20-minute intermission was eliminated, enhancing the non-stop fight action. With all that said, the fights were entertaining and showcased a wide variety of MMA styles, with Ortiz vs. Florentino getting my vote for Fight of the Night honors.

Keep checking back on information about SWC 10, which will probably take place in Jan of 2010.


Andrew Plante/Special contributor
In the main event, Frank Barrigan won after
the fight had to be stopped at the end of
the second round because of an injury
sustained by Frank Ortega.


Frank Barrigan defeats Frank Ortega, main event. The one-sided fight was stopped at the end of the second round because of an injury sustained by Ortega. A large hematoma on Ortega’s left cheek prevented him from returning for a third and final round.

Johnny Bedford defeats Tim Snyder, rear-naked choke, 55 second mark of first round. Although this was a bantamweight fight, Bedford retains his SWC featherweight title.

Clint Godfrey defeats Rocky Long, decision. Outside of the first minute of Round 1, in which Long was effectively landing strikes, Godfrey won this fight in all five rounds with a smart game plan against a highly decorated Texas boxing standout in Rocky Long. Godfrey used leg strikes throughout to keep Long’s deadly hands away. In doing so, Godfrey was able to keep Long off balance, and he managed to punish him on the ground and in the standup throughout the fight.

Josh Clopton defeats Mike Baskis, split decision. A close fight, most likely decided by Clopton’s effective and timely takedowns. In at least two rounds where the standup battle was pretty even, Clopton was able to land takedowns with only seconds in the round and probably took those rounds. Great strategy on Clopton’s part. I’m sure his corner man, UFC stand out Matt Wiman, had something to do with it.

Andrew Plante/Special contributor


Jacob “Kobe” Ortiz defeated Will Florentino by split decision.



Jacob ‘Kobe’ Ortiz defeats Will Florentino, split decision. This bout gets my vote for Fight of the Night honors. You could probably throw every battle analogy at this fight and it would fit. Both fighters certainly left everything in the cage at the end of this five-round battle. Ortiz did the bulk of his damage in the first two rounds. Florentino, came back and probably took both Rounds 3 and 4. With Florentino having nothing left in the tank, Ortiz took over the final round and won. It was certainly a fan-friendly fight.

Daniel Pineda defeats Douglas Frey via submission, 1:55 mark of second round. Pineda was able to control the pace of this fight with timely takedowns and efficient ground and pound, with a few submission attempts sprinkled in for good measure.

Hector Daza defeats Mike Sierra, first-round TKO. I was very impressed with Daza’s solid and well-rounded mixed martial arts game. He dominated this fight that lasted only one round. Daza has powerful hands, and it showed. Sierra barely got out of the first round and was unable to return for the second round bell. I’d be shocked if we didn’t see Daza on the national MMA scene soon.

Jason Sampson defeats Nate Garza, first round rear-naked choke. Sampson is another up-and-comer that I can see making it into the WEC ranks sooner rather than later. Sampson was able to run through Garza with his high-level wrestling skills. I don’t even think Sampson took a punch in this rout, which ended with a tight choke around the neck of Garza.

Brandon Smith defeats Jason Fisher, TKO at the 1:55 mark of first round. The hometown (Frisco) favorite Smith gets the win and pumps up the crowd.

Rodney McFarland defeats Nic Smith, keylock submission with one second left in second round. These two heavyweights kicked off the event with an entertaining fight. Although McFarland and Smith are pretty large guys, there were a surprising number of ground transitions in the bout. In what I considered the turning point in the fight and probably a mistake on Smith’s part, he gave up a dominant mount position in order to attempt an armbar. In doing so, McFarland took top position and the momentum of the fight thereafter. In the end, McFarland used his size to pin Smith to the ground as he secured the keylock, obtaining the tap.


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