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FIGHT MASTER Reality show

Tough fight tonight, but I will definitely come back stronger. If everybody didn’t notice this fight was pre-taped about a month after my last fight. I’m going to put out a video tomorrow talking about what i have done and needed to do before and after this fight. As a fighter, your mind tells you to do many things, especially when an opportunity like national television exposure comes calling, but if you know me I’m tougher then my own good. In the fight, i was flat, and i haven’t been dominating self and you can tell. In my video interview I will tell you why, but I want to thank all the support I have had from all my friends, family, and fans over the past day and years. I have been resting well since the show and I will come back more explosive and stronger then ever! I will soon be posting my next fight details soon. Thanks everybody for your support! Catch me on
— in New Orleans, LA.

Fight Master Bellator

Posted in Uncategorized by kobe3006 on June 27th, 2013 at 2:02 AM.

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