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Pre-Sale Tickets to Bellator 126 – Phoenix, AZ – Sept. 26, 2014

USE PROMO CODE “KOBE” in the Promotion box to buy your PRE-SALE TICKETS to BELLATOR 126 – PHOENIX, AZ


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Took some time off after a torn rotators cuff surgery, and I will tell you the time off was a blessing in disguise. I had been fighting top level dudes with injuries I thought were minor, and wow! You should see how strong I am now that I’m all healed up. Definitely, “A Blessing in Disguise.” Ready to take on all on-comers!!!! WAR STUNNA!!!

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Just noticed my Ground and Pound was highlight on this poster!

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Uncut and Never Seen Before Footage at NCF in Tucson

Thats Right, Caged Fighting is Huge in Arizona and the Tucson area. Thats why you have so many guys making it big from Arizona right now. Just to drop a couple names from Southern AZ are Jacob “Kobe the Stunna” Ortiz, Jamie Varner, CB Dolloway, Efrain Escudero, Ryan Bader, James Terry, Ryan Kelly, Cain Valasquez, Edgar Garcia, Goerge Roop, Joe Riggs, Drew Fickett, Don Fry, and others that I can’t remember right now. The crowd this night was able to pull over 3500 in attendance at the NCF first event. So many of people came out to see me and I say Thank You! This is the first time I can remember an event being as big as it was and at only $9 dollars for some seats, a huge amount new fans were able to make it out. This was my only “Disappointing” fight that I know of on my Pro Records in which I feel has not tarnished, but has only made me grow from the experience. I was ready for this fight, this was my fight. Enjoy some Uncut and personal footage only my team has been able to experience. Now you can. Thanks everybody for you support! (Please feel free to comment on this blog here.)

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Kobe gets section published on last fight in Gladiator Magazine!

Look for me in this issue of Gladiator Magazine!
December Issue:

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Stunna man made it on the UFC Tuff 11 tryout video! Check it out and see if you can find me.

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